Groove Warehouse is the place in Canberra for all things drum and percussion. 

We're a small team of musicians who live, breathe, eat, and sleep drums. We care about our craft and want to help you find the right instrument for you. 

Started in 2013, Groove Warehouse is now run by Malcolm Newland, a lifelong drummer. 

The Groove School is always open to new, novice, and advanced players. Download our Education Catalogue to learn more, or contact us for updated pricing. 

Make a Joyous Sound!

Meet the Team


Malcolm Newland


Born in Victoria and raised in Canberra, Malcolm is a local of the ACT music scene. He studied at ANU and most recently played in indie rock band Sputnik Sweetheart. His main bread and butter (so to speak) is drums, but ask him about any percussion instrument and he'll likely know a lot about it. You may see him playing the occasional jazz gig around town.


Ed Berry

General Manager



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