Drums 1 - 3


  • Learn to Play Drums Now!

  • Groove Warhouse Drumming classes are be separated into 3 streams, and further divided into age groups.

  • Youth Prep Classes are for younger Absolute Beginners

  • Level 1 Classes are for Beginners (Hal Leonard Drum Method Book 1)

  • Level 2 Classes are for Intermediate Students (Hal Leonard Drum Method Book 1)

  • Level 3 Classes are for more Advanced adult students
    -This class is also double the length of Drums 1 and 2 classes as it has an inbuilt 'Topics' component

    (Hal Leonard Drum Method Book 2)

  • Drum Kit Topics is an "add on" class designed to deepen your learning of technique and music styles (For Drums Level 2)