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DW Pacific PDSPCXF Concept Series Bass Pedal with Extended Footboard

PDP hardware is designed by Drum Workshop, known throughout the industry for creating innovative hardware that inspires drummers everywhere. The PDP Concept Series™ Bass Drum Pedal follows that same path of design innovation.

The Concept Series™ Pedal was developed to be a professional, tour-ready pedal that creatively solves the unique problems for drummers. Out of the box, you’ll notice the pedal’s XF Extended Footboard in brushed aluminum. The 10.6-inch footboard length provides a versatile surface for speed, velocity and power, whether you play heel-toe, heel-up, or heel-down. Designed with tight tolerances and a Needle Bearing Hinge for reduced friction, the pedal delivers a sensitive feel with instant response. And the Cobalt Low Mass Drive is lighter in weight, while still perfectly balanced by a Dual-Chain.

You want more standard features? The Concept™ Pedal sports an Infinitely Adjustable Spring Rocker for precise stroke adjustment, a PDP Two-Way Beater with both soft felt and hard plastic contact surfaces, the easy-to-use Side Adjustable Toe Clamp, a lightweight aluminum base plate, retractable spurs and a built-in drum key clip. When all is said and done, the PDP Concept Series™ Pedal is a solid performer that gives other models a run for their money.

  • Two-Way Beater
  • Cobalt Low-Mass Drive with Dual Chain
  • Drum Key Clip
  • Side Adjustable Toe Clamp
  • Infinite Spring Rocker Stroke Adjustment


Brand PDP
Shipping Weight 5.0000kg
Shipping Width 45cm
Shipping Height 25cm
Shipping Length 25cm
Shipping Cubic 2.8125cm

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