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Simpler, Smoother, and Stabler Than Ever

The original Perfect Balance kick pedal was all about simplicity and economy of motion. And what could be simpler than a noncollapsible design and a standard hoop clamp? The Sonor Perfect Balance Standard single bass pedal picks up where the Jojo Mayer signature model left off. Its strap-controlled round cam and beater hub mechanism provide a smooth, linear throw and lightning speed to pull off those Mayer-esque triples and heel-to-toe sixteenths. New for the Perfect Balance Standard is a redesigned heel plate bearing, which reduces play and further increases smoothness. 


Low-mass linear drive design

Nothing beats the intimate connection you get from a linear-drive kick pedal like the Perfect Balance Standard from Sonor. One of the coolest parts of this pedal’s mechanics is the integrated drive cam and beater hub, which brings down the mass. This results in an almost perfectly linear stroke, which is killer for translating your playing dynamics. Coupled with the lightweight and virtually indestructible ballistic-fiber strap, the Perfect Balance Standard kick pedal is everything a technical drummer could ask for.

Longboard design yields extra leverage

One of the few complaints Sweetwater drummers have about linear kick pedals is that they can make it tough to generate enough power for heavy musical passages. Not so with the Perfect Balance Standard kick pedal from Sonor. Its longboard design gives you plenty of room for pedal slides and power strokes. Whether you prefer a finessed heel-down technique, a heavy heel-up, or some combination of the two, you’ll appreciate the Perfect Balance Standard’s elongated footboard.

Sonor Perfect Balance Standard Kick Drum Pedal Features:

  • Picks up where the Jojo Mayer signature left off
  • Non-folding design is simpler and stabler to set up
  • New heel plate reduces side-to-side play
  • Now with a standard manual hoop clamp
  • Linear-action kick drum pedal that’s ideal for technical drummers who demand expressive dynamics
  • Low-mass combination round drive cam and beater hub deliver carefully calibrated strokes
  • Lightweight ballistic-fiber strap decreases drive inertia for a fast and smooth response
  • Use toe, heel, or hybrid playing technique on the elongated and smooth footboard




Shipping Weight 3.0000kg
Shipping Width 40cm
Shipping Height 20cm
Shipping Length 40cm
Shipping Cubic 3.2cm

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