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ZENKO Metal Tongue Drum

Zenko 9 notes - Akebono - support ring, bag ' sticks Zenko 9 notes, Akebono scale G3 C4 D Eb G G# C5 D Eb, support ring, deluxe bag and pair of sticks included. Stainless steel.
Zenko is a tongue drum (also called tank drum or HandPan drum) designed and created by Metal Sounds. This metal-made melodic percussion is the result of a long research ' team, in collaboration with scientists and experts of the metal industry. All has been studied: the raw-material (stainless steel), the blades cutting, the assembling, the finish... And the result is up to it!

The Zenko spreads its sounds like smooth and soft waves. Its high harmonics content comes from a perfect tuning that is also reliable along the years. It will produce some differents sounds depending on the kind of play: by hands or with the sticks (included).


Click here to listen to all the Zenko scales.

Gary says " This is a wonderful alternative to the "Hang Drum" wonderful clear centered tone and terrific desing and a great price"


Shipping Weight 4.0000kg
Shipping Width 45cm
Shipping Height 18cm
Shipping Length 45cm
Shipping Cubic 2.3328cm

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