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The Versa® Tubano® Drum Tall Nested Pack with Skyndeep® Graphic Fiberskyn® includes three Versa® Tall Tubano® drums in sizes 9", 11" and 13" offering a completely nestable set of drums with a wide range of tonal possibilities. Constructed with Acousticon® shells, Skyndeep® Fiberskyn® drumheads, and our Taper-Fit Drum Coupling System which is engineered to create an easy, self-sealing fit between the drumhead and drum shell for optimum sound quality. The Versa® Drum Packs are lightweight, portable, nestable and durable, making them a great place to start for any rhythm ensemble. The Versa® drumheads are easily removable and interchangeable, with the option of playing them as Frame Drums. Versa® Drum Packs are ideal for encouraging and enhancing the use of drumming in Recreational, educational, medical and social settings. Versa® Drum Tubano® Tall Nested Pack Includes: 9" x 24.5", 11" x 24.5" and 13" x 24.5" with Skyndeep® Graphic Fiberskyn® drumheads.


Brand REMO

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