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Udu Drums originated among the Igbo (Ibo) people of the South East of Nigeria. It is an ancient utility vessel that has evolved into a popular percussion instrument. The Tri Sound Ibo Drum is traditionally called "Udu Igbah": Udu in the Igbo language means pot, Igbah means skin drum. In Igbo land, there are two versions of Udus, the one with a side-hole was played by women. The other version is much larger and only has one wide mouth at the top and is often played with a flat padded mallet.  The Tri Sound Ibo Drum is versatile. It produces a special effect sound and can nearly mimic a talking drum (Ayan in the Yoruba language). The Tri Sound Ibo in the hands of an experienced musician is a formidable gear.



  • Built in microphone hole
  • Resistant shell construction
  • Rawhide playing surface


Shipping Weight 2.4000kg
Shipping Width 40cm
Shipping Height 30cm
Shipping Length 40cm
Shipping Cubic 4.8cm

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