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The Keo Percussion Soft Shaker offers a stylish way to add some texture and tone to your kit playing or percussion rig. Ideal for acoustic stripped back gigs or percussion ensembles.

Keo Soft Shaker

Keo Percussion is an offshoot of the British Drum Company who produce a range of high-end British built drum kits and snare drums. The Keo range features a variety of percussion instruments and drum kit accessories from tambourines, shakers and Cajons to snare dampeners, cymbal felts and practice pads.

Shake It Out

The Keo Soft Shaker is an ideal option if you’re looking to add some extra sounds to your percussion set up.

Whether you want to add it to your drum kit playing or want it as an addition to you Cajon set up for acoustic gigs, this shaker offers a stylish way to expand your available sounds.

Shake In Style

This wooden shaker features dark wood ends topped with laser cut birch wood discs that are beautifully adorned with the Keo logo and sound level icon.

This shaker has been optimised to offer a soft tone for a subtle shaker response.

Accessible Percussion Playing

Extremely accessible, the Keo shaker is an ideal option for use in percussion ensembles or workshops as a way to introduce beginners to the joys of percussion playing.

The circular shape of the shaker makes it comfortable to hold for optimum performance.

Also available in loud and medium options.


If you want a stylish shaker to add some well rounded, warm tone to your percussion playing, the Keo Percussion Soft Shaker is a classy choice.

Keo Percussion Soft Shaker Key Features:

  • Optimised for a Soft Response
  • Bright Tone for a Clear Cutting Sound
  • Stylish Aesthetic
  • Comfortable Playing Design
  • Ideal for Kit, Cajon and Percussion Setups
  • Laser Cut Keo Logo Detail


Brand KEO Percussion
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg
Shipping Width 10cm
Shipping Height 10cm
Shipping Length 10cm
Shipping Cubic 0.1cm

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