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Wrapped in an environmentally friendly bamboo-blended cord, the Casey Cangelosi Series Marimba Mallets combines the rich, warm tonal characteristics of yarn with the articulate clarity of cord. These mallets are built on birch dowels with a natural finish and allow for a heavy bass sound without sounding muddy or washy, a delicate touch for lyrical legato passages that speak from the mallet immediately, and a steady timbre throughout the dynamic range.  The two softest mallets are also available with a soft yarn wrap.


  • Birch handles with natural finish
  • Bamboo blended cord
  • Rubber cores
  • Two softest models also with soft yarn wrap

CGL1Y:  Heavy, producing a thick bass sound that is much less articulate than the CGL1 

CGL2Y:  This mallet produces a rich bass sound.  Intended to be used as a fast bass mallet.  Less articulate than the CGL2

CGL1:  Heavy, producing a thick, articulate bass sound.

CGL2:  This mallet produces a rich bass sound.  Intended to be used as a fast bass mallet.

CGL3:  Intended for the low to mid register of the marimba.  This mallet begins to dip into the qualities of bass sound for colors of long lyrical legato.

CGL4:  Intended for mid to high register of the marimba.  This mallet is warm and round with a gentle attack for general playing.


Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
Shipping Width 30cm
Shipping Height 5cm
Shipping Length 5cm
Shipping Cubic 0.075cm

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