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This Shell Pack Does NOT Include Hardware Or Cymbals

Renown still features the classic 7-ply Gretsch formula maple shells, with 30-degree bearing edges and exclusive “Silver Sealer” interiors. But this Renown comes with a new twist with the addition of the Gretsch's player-friendly “302” hoop—the same hoop used on Gretsch's Brooklyn and Broadkaster series drums. Gretsch 302 hoops produce the desirable focused sound like that of a die cast hoop, but are lighter in weight and less rigid, allowing the drum to better “breath” and achieve maximum resonance.

The 2016 Renown delivers the traditional Gretsch sound with an incredible open, harmonic tone that supplies the versatility needed to meet the demands of the hardest working drummers.

Renown looks as good as ever, with numerous appointments that are traditionally Gretsch, including a lightweight, off-the-shell mounting system, distinctively styled lugs, brackets, memory locks and bass drum spurs and the classic “T-Wing” screw. The 2016 Renown comes in a variety of popular configurations and finishes. Individual toms, snare drums and bass drums are also available.

The RN2 E825 Configuration Features:

  • 18 x 22 Inch Bass Drum
  • 7 10 Inch Rack Tom
  • 8 x 12 Inch Rack Tom
  • 14 x 16 Inch Floor Tom
  • 5.5 x 14 Inch Snare Drum


Shell Material: 7 Ply Gretsch Formula Maple

Bearing Edges: 30 Degrees


  • Snare - 302 Hoops
  • Toms - 302 Hoops
  • Bass - Maple with matching lacquer or inlay


  • Low profile GTS tom suspension system
  • Low-profile tom and floor tom leg brackets
  • Single cymbal mount and 12.7mm L-Arms
  • Gretsch T-Wing nut/bolt


  • Snare - Coated USA Ambassador Batter, Gretsch by Remo Resonant
  • Toms - Clear Emperor Batter, Gretsch by Remo Resonant
  • Bass - USA Clear Powerstroke Batter, Coated white Gretsch head with muffle ring resonant


Shipping Weight 30.0000kg
Shipping Width 100cm
Shipping Height 100cm
Shipping Length 100cm
Shipping Cubic 100cm

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