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Introducing the Oracle Series, developed by Bosphorus with endorsee Ralph Peterson, these cymbals have explosive power and volume with exceptional clarity and feature wide, shallow lathing, with an unpolished fired patina.

Bosphorus Oracle Series cymbals offer a blend of raw power and subtle articulation in one cymbal. This rare attribute in a cymbal makes the Oracle series a true all-round cymbal. The darker tones and quick decay help this cymbal blend into the music, yet the strong mid section and bell area of the cymbal demonstrate a louder response when required.

The Bosphorus Oracle cymbal is perfect for jazz players looking for a warmer, more aggressive cymbal or for rock players looking for a loud, quick response.


Shipping Weight 3.0000kg
Shipping Width 45cm
Shipping Height 5cm
Shipping Length 45cm
Shipping Cubic 1.0125cm

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