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BosphorusBoxed Matched Cymbal Set: 14" Hi Hats / 16" Crash / 20" Ride

We have always being asked for a sonically matched box set. Finally we have shaped up everything about new boxed Bosphorus set. This set completely same with our Bosphorus material and hand workmanship. The cymbals in the box are very similar to our Traditional series Medium weight cymbals. We just made a different lathing pattern on them and logo don't have series name on. So this is to prevent individual sales out of the box.

These instruments reflect the famous history of Turkish cymbal making at its finest. They are all set to Medium weight for extreme versatility and sonically matched. They can be used from low to medium loud settings. Especially well-suited for recording ' live performances for vast array of genres like Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Pop, Rock, Country, Folk, Gospel and many other acoustic music.

The set consits from a 20" ride, 16" crash and a pair of 14" hi hats. They are under 2 years warranty agains manufacturing flaws such as all Bosphorus products.

Gary Says " These are a terrific set of hadcrafted cymbals, the perfect addition to your new kit or upgrade!"




Shipping Weight 8.0000kg

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