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                             The new bass drum anchor system

We’ve all known that heart-sinking moment when your bass drum starts creeping mid-performance.
You start to lose focus, overreaching as you 
stretch uncomfortably and your playing begins to suffer.


Well, say goodbye to bass drum creep with KickFix, the new bass drum anchor system from the British Drum Co.
This simple little accessory will 
secure your bass drum to most rugs and carpets so you can relax and concentrate
on the job of playing drums.


Compact, rugged and portable, KickFix uses velcro fastenings to give you a solid, secure anchor whilst you are
playing but releases easily after the 
show to drop into your gig bag for the next time.


KIckFix - its the way forward that stops you moving forward!


Brand British Drum Co.
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
Shipping Width 15cm
Shipping Height 15cm
Shipping Length 15cm
Shipping Cubic 0.3375cm

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