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Ludwig Professional Polished Copper Timpani - Product Information

The Ludwig Professional Series Timpani reflect decades of design and perfection of this instrument. The polished copper bowls feature a double ring suspension system delivering a greater depth of tone by isolating the kettle from the tuning mechanism. The profile collar extends beyond the bowl edge allowing for greater pitch definition and resonance.

The base features the classic Balanced Action Tuning Pedal which over the years has set a standard of overall timpani pedal design. Sturdy pull rods are built within the struts while the main horizontal pull rod connects to the pedal keeping the action balanced at both ends of the tuning range. The pedal activated tuning gauge with metal note indicators is fully adjustable and placed on the instrument in a manor that allows for American or German set-up. The tuning pull rod runs seamlessly under the base creating a functional and visually pleasing design.

The wheel configuration on the timpani allows for easy transport and secure placement during performance. A third omni wheel placed under the pedal allows for fluid 360 degree movement. The detachable rear casters are designed a little larger and feature braking contributing to the ease of movement and firm placement of the timpani.


  • Ludwig Ensemble Smooth White Timpani Heads
  • Fiber head protectors
  • Shallow drop covers
  • Timpani key with each drum
  • 1 pair of mallets

The Pre-2019 Design does not include 3rd omni wheel, detachable casters and tuning mechanism enhancements.


Shipping Weight 40.0000kg
Shipping Width 131cm
Shipping Height 100cm
Shipping Length 130cm
Shipping Cubic 100cm

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