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Sound Effects (Acoustic)

Sound Effects (Acoustic)

Mano Percussion Wooden Spoons 8" Long

Mano Percussion Wooden Spoons 8" Long Nicely shaped and finished natural hardwood.


Trophy Musical Spoon

Trophy Musical Spoons


SWP Samba Whistle

SWP Samba Whistle


Remo Thunder Tube

Remo Thunder Tube


Thunder Drum

Thunder Drum


Wooden Frog (medium)

Wooden Frog (medium) Samba world percussion frog wood percussion medium with stick -Sound Effect Pecussion -Authentic "Ribbit" sound


CPK ED440 Vibraslap

Vibraslap CPK ED440 VIBRASLAP Metal handle with wooden ends. Sounds great! Adjustable head. 11" long. Gary Says " This Vibraslap is sturdy and easy to play!"


Meinl Samba Whistle

SAMBA WHISTLE This samba whistle has three tones in a super-bright timbre. This is the classic Samba sound and spirit. Solid aluminum construction ensures years of use. MATERIAL Aluminu…


Schlagwerk Shake Hand

Schlagwerk Shake Hand


Mitello ED300 Ratchet

MITELLO RATCHET Mountable hand held rotating ratchet. 2 double tongue wooden ratchets in ‘V’ shape. 7" long. Very good quality with chrome metal parts and frame. Gary says " This is a stur…


Rainstick - Coloured PVC

SWP Rainstick


AMS Chinese Gong 7" w/stand and mallet

AMS Gong 7"  w/stand and mallet