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Gauger Lug Lockerz 6 Pack


Product Code BB1652
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Gauger Lug Lockerz 6 Pack

Having to retune your drums many times during a set is frustrating. This problem is caused by the drum's tension rods vibrating loose, and the result is a drum that sounded great when you started the song, and terrible by the time you start the next. Gauger's Lug Lockerz are a fast, easy way to keep your tension rods locked in place for good.

-Keeps drums in tune by stopping the loosening of tension rods from sympathetic vibration.
-Don't wear out like other lug locking devices.
-Do not need to be removed if you want to change your drum's tuning.
-Does not change the feel of drum tuning like some locking tension rods.
-Can also be used on bottom heads without falling off.


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