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Electronic Drum Kits

Electronic Drum Kits


Electric Drum Sets

If you fancy yourself as a drummer extraordinaire but need to be mindful of the noise you produce, an electric drum set makes for a cost-effective alternative that keeps both you and the people around you happy.

When you’re looking for an electric drum kit for sale, the features are among the most important points to consider – and the electric drum sets available from Groove Warehouse truly deliver. With hundreds of programmed drum, cymbal and percussion sounds, volume control, play-along tracks and input and output jacks, among a multitude of other features, you’ll find an electric drum kit for sale to suit anyone from the inexperienced learner to the seasoned professional.

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As with most musical instruments, quality and price are closely linked. The Groove Warehouse is careful to provide quality electric drum sets at affordable prices. KAT Electronic Drum Kits represent the pinnacle of quality; please come in and play the Gold standard. Browse our range of electric drum kits for sale and place your order with us today – we deliver nationwide.

KT1P - Digital Drum Kit

KT1P -  Digital Drum Kit


KT2 - Advanced, high performance digital drum set

KT2 Digital Drum Kit


KT3 - Advanced, high performance digital drum set

KT3 Digital Drum Kit


KT4 - Pro Digital 5pc Drum Kit

KT4 - Pro Digital Drum Kit