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Chad Wackerman Paintbrush - 


The BR-CW Chad WackermanPaintbrushprovides the player with a number of different choices of timbre colors. Built on a red hickory wooden handle, this retractable medium gauge wire brush features a soft rubber sleeve near the brush fan and a strip of felt surrounding the butt end. The pull rod of the BR-CW also includes a nylon tip allowing for defined articulation on cymbals. These various features allow the player to create a greater number of sounds without having to change to other striking implements including cross stick, cymbal swells, and ride patterns. All these colors are achieved while maintaining a solid, comfortable, balanced feel making the BR-CWPaintbrushthe most unique brush available.


Shipping Weight 0.2000kg
Shipping Width 13.5cm
Shipping Height 4cm
Shipping Length 25cm
Shipping Cubic 0.1cm

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