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Rubber o-rings in Rods were invented by wincent in 1992. These have since been copied by many other companies, however classic rods are still only produced by Wincent. We continue to manufacture to the highest standards and use the best quality materials including using environmentally friendly handles, which gives great grip. When it comes to playing with less volume and still keeping the right feel, there are no other rods like Wincents.

The 7PX rod has thicker dowels for a more stick-like sound. Due to the 7-pcs dowels, the rods have great durability and also more volume can be achived. The 7PX is the same as the AX but with longer plastic, this helps to prevent the sensitive rim-shoot area to flake and holds the 7 pc dowels togheter for more focused attack.

Gary Says "Wincent specialty brushes and rods are of genuine quality through out. Wonderful Swedish craftsmanship and design, definately worth checking these out!"


Barcode # 930037016124
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg

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