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Snare Drum Methods and Solos

Snare Drum Methods and Solos

40 intermediate Snare Drum Solos

40 intermediate Snare Drum Solos


Syncopation for the Modern Drummer

One of the most popular books for percussion today, Syncopation for the Modern Drummer by Ted Reed is a highly versatile book that can be used for almost any drummer for any application! 


Rhythm Reading for Drums

rhythm reading drums


Stick Control

The Grand-daddy of Snare Method Books Improves Control Single and Double Strokes, Flams, Drags, Rolls, Etc. Whole Book Aims to Improve Ability to Play Different Stickings


Rudimental Jazz

Rudimental Jazz by Joe Morello


Wrist & Finger Stroke Control

Wrist & Finger Stroke Control


Rudimental Logic

The all new Rudimental Logic 3.0 by Bill Bachman is a technical guide for everyone who plays with sticks! The topics include grip, stroke techniques, unique strategies for the 40 PAS rudiments as we…


Snare Drum Tool Box

In the Book . . . Instructions on set-up & tuning your snare drum Ten lessons covering reading, stroke types, cut time, triple meter, rudiments, and more 20 solos and 11 duets, each focused …


Sight Reading- The Rhythm Book

Sight Reading - The Rhythm Book


The All American Drummer

The All-American Drummer by Charley Wilcoxon is a classic example of older style rudimental snare drumming, containing 150 short solos that work on incorporating the 26 Standard American Drum Rudiment…


Rudimental Reference

The Drummer’s Rudimental Reference Book by Dr. John Wooton. Dr. Wooton is the director of Percussion Studies, University of Southern Mississippi and former Percussion Caption Head for the Phantom R…


Rudiments and Motions

Rudiments & Motions