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The She-e Wu Signature Series Marimba Mallets from Innovative Percussion feature nine mallets of varying hardness, including three models specifically designed for concerto playing. Models WU1 - WU6 feature a custom blended yarn wrap, while concerto models WU4C, WU5C, WU6C, and WU7C are tightly wrapped with durable and organic bamboo yarn.  All models are available on either natural birch or rattan handles. Each captures the unique style, sensitivity, and essence of the artist that is She-e Wu.


WU1:  Soft Marimba Mallets

WU2:  Medium Soft Marimba Mallets

WU3:  Medium Marimba Mallets

WU4:  Medium Hard Marimba Mallets

WU5:  Hard Marimba Mallets

WU6:  Very Hard Marimba Mallets

WU4C:  Medium Hard Concerto Marimba Mallets

WU5C:  Hard Concerto Marimba Mallets

WU6C:  Very Hard Concerto Marimba Mallets

WU7C:  Extremely Hard Concerto Marimba Mallets


Barcode # 939010000142
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
Shipping Width 5cm
Shipping Height 5cm
Shipping Length 35cm
Shipping Cubic 0.0875cm

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