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  • American Upgrade packs are an affordable way to replace the standard drum kit
  • American Upgrade packs consist of Evans G2 Clear 2-ply tom heads, a G1 Coated 1-ply snare head and Evans best-selling EMAD bass drum head
  • Includes Evans drumheads:
    • 10+12+16 inches G2 Clear
    • 14-inch G1 Coated
    • 22-inch EMAD
    • It's a quality US made drumheads

Details: Evans EPP-AMUP-R1-5A American Upgrade Drum Head Pack - Hybrid The quality of your drum heads is a critical part of the sound you can expect to receive from any drum kit. The vibration of the drum head is what creates the sound, and without quality drum heads the full potential of the drum kit will never be realized. However, not all drum kits come with high quality drum heads, and Evans is here to solve that problem with American Upgrade packs. As the name suggests, each pack contains a full set of American made Evans drum heads, world renowned amongst professionals as a brand that allows the drummer to achieve a truly incredible tone. In addition, Evans drum heads last significantly longer because they are made with premium quality film and construction techniques.


Barcode # 930235009972
Brand Evans
Shipping Weight 1.5558kg
Shipping Width 3.8cm
Shipping Height 58.4cm
Shipping Length 57.2cm
Shipping Cubic 4.9cm

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