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    • Turn Any Bass Drum Into Impact Drum
    • Works On 16"- 40" Diameters
    • Works On 10" - 24" Depths
    • Height & Angle Adjustable
    • Collapses Smaller Than Cymbal Stand
    • Eliminates Chairs As Stands

    Transform your old bass drum into a horizontal impact drum with Pearl's Multi-Fit Bass Drum Legs! Multi-percussionists, front ensemblers, pit musicians, and drum set players rejoice: you no longer need chairs or ill-fitting stands to awkwardly suspend your big drums!

    These three legs will attach to any wooden bass drum hoop with a diameter from 16" - 40". Each of them can extend to accommodate players of any height, from middle school beginners to the tallest professionals. They're angle adjustable as well, so you can set them up in the perfect position no matter where you are.

    They'll stretch to accommodate a huge range of bass drum depths, from 10" to 24" deep, and can be installed in about 30 seconds. No drilling or permanent modifications needed. After the gig, the legs collapse into a space smaller than your typical cymbal stand - it seems almost too easy!

    These legs work with virtually any bass drum. Old marching basses, that kick drum you have lying around, or even a massive 40" concert bass drum will all fit.


Shipping Weight 3.0000kg
Shipping Width 40cm
Shipping Height 5cm
Shipping Length 5cm
Shipping Cubic 0.1cm

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