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Matte-lacquered hybrid shells

Maple and poplar are two common shell wood options today — maple for its timeless cut and response and poplar for its light stage weight and quickness to speak. Together, these two tonewoods form the foundation of your PDP Spectrum shell pack. Modern country and swing drummers will instantly take to this kit's speed, dryness, and control. Rock players and stage users will appreciate its velvety warmth and behind-the-kit nearfield response. A tasteful matte lacquer finish gives every Spectrum shell pack a fresh look and allows the natural beauty of the wood figuring to peek through.

PDP/DW hardware

Spectrum shell packs come decked out in a full suit of custom hardware and are outfitted with DW's own fine-threaded tuning rods. Here's what you get:

  • Spectrum series badges are a fresh spin on the modern PDP/DW round-badge style
  • Shell-mounted Floating Tom Mounts with easy-positioning ball joints balance dryness and sustain
  • Teardrop Turret lugs give the Spectrum series a look all its own
  • DW's own True-Pitch tension rods are fine threaded for precision tuning

Remo heads

Adding value to the already value-packed PDP Spectrum is a full outfit of Remo heads. 


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