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The marímbula (Spanish pronunciation: [maˈɾimbula]) is a plucked box musical instrument of the Caribbean. In Cuba it is common in the changüí genre, as well as old styles of son. In Mexico, where it is known as marimbol is played in son jarocho; in the Dominican Republic, where it is known as marimba, it is played in merengue típico, and in Jamaica it is known as rumba box and played in mento.
Unlike typical African lamellophones, such as the mbira, used to produce complex polyphony and polyrhythms, the marimbula usually plays the role of a bass guitar, i.e. providing the rhythmic and harmonicsupport for a band, although it can produce a simple melody as well.
From the collection of Gary France, this instrument was purchased from the Mexican Percussion Group Tambuco. 

  • Wonderful Tone
  • Travel case with wheels
  • All notes are tunable
  • One of a kind, hand made
  • Some minor blemishes 


SKU 12091
Shipping Weight 20.0000kg

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