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Permanent 3rd Omni Wheel; Detachable Quick Release Rear Casters; New Gauge Set up



    • Pedal-Activated Adjustable Gauges
    • Permanent Third Wheel
    • Polished Copper Bowl
    • Balanced Action Pedal
    • Double-Ring Suspension Design
    • Detachable Rear Casters

    Ludwig Professional Series Timpani are designed from the ground up to deliver a high-end, pure tone in a highly functional, balanced shell (no pun intended). These drums are the standard of what a modern timpani design should be - 3-wheeled and portable, with a durable gauge design, and a seamlessly smooth pedal that is exact with every adjustment.

    Professional series drums come with side-mounted, adjustable, pedal-activated tuning gauges that make quick tuning a breeze as long as the heads are tuned and the gauges are set. The balanced-action pedal is instant to adjust, and is extremely smooth and balanced as the name suggests.

    The polished copper bowl is extremely resonant, able to fill a concert hall with loud, booming rolls and quiet low-end support alike. A double-ring suspension system is built into the design to entirely isolate the bowl of the timpani from the tuning mechanism, ensuring the tone isn't hampered by the structure and functionality of the drums.

    A permanent third Omni wheel is also included under the pedal, with 360-degree movement, making it easy to find exact placement for your drum. The rear casters are large, smooth, and detachable to help fit through tight spaces, and have highly effective brakes to help make sure the drums don't move when tuning.

    Each drum comes included with a fiber head protector, to help your drums stay in-tune when they're not in use, as well as a shallow drop cover, and a tuning key. These drums also come standard with Ludwig Ensemble Smooth White Timpani Heads.


Shipping Weight 40.0000kg
Shipping Width 100cm
Shipping Height 100cm
Shipping Length 100cm
Shipping Cubic 100cm

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