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Groove Warehouse Extension Stream

Groove Warehouse Extension Stream

Groove Warehouse Extension Stream

The Groove Warehouse Extension Stream are designed for continuing students who are ready to take the next step in their drumming journey. This stream includes our old favorites, FUNdamentals Ensemble and Drum Kit class,  but also add a mini 20 - minute individual lesson. The addition of a private lesson allows the student to ask specific questions etc. and receive specialist advice from a qualified instructor. Only students enrolled in our extension streams have the option to enrol in qualifications such as Rock School and AMEB Certificates as well as performing on Groove Warehouse concerts and special events.  

Extension Stream students also have access to the Groove Warehouse's extensive online website including curriculum, assignments, charts, play alongs and educational videos. 


The Groove Warehouse regularly offers students (of all ages) scholarships, ranging from partial to full, solely based on financial need and merit. 

Preparatory Class Youth Wed 4pm

Preparatory Class Wed 4pm


GW Adult Ext Thurs 5:45 - 7:30pm

GW Adult Ext Thurs 5:45 - 7:30pm


GW Youth Ext Yrs 5 - 7 Tue 5pm

GW Youth Ext Yrs 5 - 7 Tue 5pm 


GW Youth Ext Yrs 7 - 10 Wed 5pm

GW Youth Ext Yrs 7 - 10 Wed 5pm (no extra lesson) 


GW Youth Ext w/lesson Yrs 5 - 7 Tue 5pm

GW Youth Extension Yrs - 5 - 7 Tues