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Gretsch Catalina Birch 20 5Pc Blue Silver Duco Drum Kit

This is a Shell Pack, does not include hardware or cymbals

Back by popular demand and for a limited time only, the Gretsch Catalina Birch Special Edition shell pack resurrects the lively punch and fast, arid response of this fan favorite — now with classic Gretsch visuals (Round Badges, Gas Cap kick plate) and slick new finish options that any Gretsch lover is sure to love. This kit's tonal foundation is its 7-ply birch shells with classic Gretsch 30° rounded bearing edges. Together, these qualities give the Catalina Birch Special Edition shell pack superb sensitivity, cut, and player-side feedback, voiced to work especially well under close mics. Each shell features a Special Edition inner label with wood species and date of manufacture for added collectibility.

Crisp 7-ply birch shells

Birch wood — one of the most popular maple alternatives — is known for its focused, cutting sound and fast transient attack. Gretsch has expertly captured this timeless response in the value-loaded, limited-edition Catalina Birch Special Edition shell pack. Toms, kick, and snare speak quickly and with authority, with a focused dryness that stage and studio mics will favor.

Rounded 30° bearing edges

The Catalina Maple takes sonic cues from Gretsch kits of antiquity. Rounded 30° bearing edges maximize the surface area between the hoops and shells for a dry, punchy response.

A proud part of Gretsch's American music legacy

The Catalina Maple series is a proud part of Gretsch's American music legacy. Everyone knows Gretsch electric guitars and drums, but did you know they got their start in 1883 as a banjo company? It wasn't long before Gretsch was making mandolins, ukuleles, and eventually flat-top guitars, contributing to the very roots of American music. So when you play the Gretsch Catalina Maple shell pack, you're playing more than a great kit, you're playing a piece of American music history.


Gretsch Catalina Birch Special Edition 5-piece Shell Pack Features:

  • Limited run — only 75 kits in this configuration and color worldwide
  • Special Edition inner shell labels with manufacturer date and wood species
  • 7-ply birch shells are focused, fast, and cutting
  • Rounded 30° bearing edges enhance punch and dryness
  • Sought-after Round Badge visuals
  • Wood bass drum hoops
  • 2.3mm triple-flanged tom and snare hoops
  • Outfitted with Remo heads
  • Gretsch GTS tom suspension system
  • Shell sizes (depth x diameter): 7" x 10" and 8" x 12" toms, 14" x 14" floor tom, 14" x 20" bass drum, 5.5" x 14" snare





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