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Classroom Percussion

Classroom Percussion


Classroom Percussion

One of the earliest concepts a child learns in music class at school is the difference between beat and rhythm. The beat is the tempo or pace at which the piece of music is played, while the rhythm is the way the notes sound when played in sequence. Very often, the way music students learn the difference is with the use of classroom percussion instruments.

These instruments require the striking of two items together to make a noise, for example a drum, a triangle or maracas, as well as less familiar instruments like the vibraslap, the multi-tone wood block and the conga. These classroom percussion instruments introduce students to the concepts of beat and rhythm in a way that promotes creativity, variety and fun!

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Groove Warehouse stocks a great selection of percussion instruments for school music programs, with options that are perfect for students of almost any age. Whether you’re looking for a specific item or require a comprehensive classroom percussion pack, we have options to suit your needs. Browse our range and place your order online today – we deliver across Australia.

CPK ED702 Wooden Cylinder Shaker

Wooden Cylinder Shaker filled with beads. Natural finish. 4" length, 2" diameter.


Boomwhackers Mallets (soft rubber)

BOOMWACKERS Soft Rubber Mallets Description: Use with the Tube Holder or make it easier to play the shorter Tubes of the Treble Extension Set. Includes one p…


TYCOON TP6380 Small Chrome Plated Chime on Siam Oak Bar

TYCOON Small Chrome Plated Chime on Siam Oak Bar Versatile instrument with great sound Chime crafted from tempered aluminum alloy producing bright sound…


TYCOON TP6375 Medium Chrome Plated Chime on Siam Oak Bar

TYCOON Medium Chrome Plated Chime on Siam Oak Bar Versatile instrument with great sound Chime crafted from tempered aluminum alloy producing bright soun…


CPK ED440 Vibraslap

Vibraslap CPK ED440 VIBRASLAP Metal handle with wooden ends. Sounds great! Adjustable head. 11" long. Gary Says " This Vibraslap is sturdy and easy t…


Remo Crown Pro Maracas

Remo Crown Percussion Pro Maracas The Pro Maracas feature metal bead fillers creating a balanced crisp sound. The Pro Maracas feature a durable black plas…


Tycoon TP6240 Multi_Tone Wood Block

TYCOON Multi-Tone Wood Block Multi-Tone Wood Block Siam Oak Wood bars affixed in a circular formation to a wooden bar and handle Delivers bright tone…


Boomwhackers Diatonic Scale Set

BOOMWACKERS C Maj Scale Set Consists of 8 notes: C’ to C”. The Diatonic Set allows more songs to be played and has been preferred over the pentatonic sca…


Mitello ED300 Ratchet

MITELLO RATCHET Mountable hand held rotating ratchet. 2 double tongue wooden ratchets in ‘V’ shape. 7" long. Very good quality with chrome metal parts …


Remo Rhythm Club RH-2106-00 6" pre-tuned Konga

  Remo RH-1206-00 Rhythm Club Konga   Just put the Konga in front of them and let them jam. Featuring b…


TYCOON TP6435 Wooden Guiro

TYCOON Wooden Guiro Constructed of specially formulated plastic to enhance durability Designed to have similar shape, sound, and feel to traditional gui…


GW UE633 Mano Percussion Classroom Percussion Pack

9 percussion instruments in a strong carry bag for classroom or as a gift. Useful for developing hearing, social, motor and musical skills