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    • Traditional Peruvian Instrument
    • One Hand Moves Lid
    • One Hand Uses Striker
    • Solid Piano Hinge
    • Hangs Around Neck
    • Striker Included

    The Meinl Cajita is a modern take on the traditional Peruvian folk instrument. Hanging from the neck, you play it by striking the side and top with the stick while the other hand controls the lid (affecting the sound and creating rhythms of its own).

    This is one of those percussion instruments that make people ask "What the heck is that thing?". A solid piano hinge connects the lid to the body to give you years of worry-free lid smacking. A striker is included, and can be stored in the Cajita when you're not using it!


Barcode # 930235007922
Shipping Weight 1.5000kg
Shipping Width 40cm
Shipping Height 35cm
Shipping Length 40cm
Shipping Cubic 5.6cm

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