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Adams Revolution Copper Timpani 29" Bowl

Adams Revolution timpani with fine tuner
The Revolution timpani have a number of patent developments that combine truly professional performance sound quality with an innovative balanced action pedal system, height adjustable, wide range hand tuner, and a removable, folding base for easy and light portability.

For the first time ever, calf heads can be used on a balanced action pedal system. An octave can be achieved from each drum with the hand fine tuner.

The Revolution timpani are the most practical, portable, high quality timpani ever created. The base and the bowl of the Revolution timpani easily separate without tools, making these the only true portable high quality drums on the market.

When separated from the base, each Revolution timpani maintains tension on the head and has a range of a 5th using the fine-tuning feature. The base itself folds and locks and can be carried easily using the built in handle.

The oversized double locking swivel casters, combined with the permanently installed locking third wheel assembly on the pedal, help the revolution drums glide with fingertip effort. Revolution timpani are available in 20' sizes with fibreglass, copper or copper hammered bowls. With the introduction of the Revolution timpani, Adams once again prove they are the world leader in timpani and percussion development.


The new Adams REVOLUTION timpani balanced pedal system remains constant, unlike all earlier balanced pedal systems. This new approach allows the head to be at the correct fundamental note even when the kettle is removed from the pedal unit. he Adams REVOLUTION timpani give you endless possibilities!

Balance: Patented
When the range of the Timpani is extremely high or low, or the pedal is not functioning correctly, you can use the adjusting knob to fix this. If the pedal falls forward the adjusting knob must be turned one turn to the right, and if the pedal falls backward then he knob must be turned one turn to the left.

Fine tuner: Patented
The fine tuner makes optimum usage of a very wide pitch range. With a reach of over more than 1 octave, it makes this Revolution Timpani truly unique and it is highly recommended to get full use from your Revolution timpani.

Height adjustment: Patented

The height of the Adams Revolution Timpani is adjustable. From 84 cm until 94 cm. To adjust the height of the Timpani you must unscrew the screw on the right side of the undercarriage two turns, with the included screwdriver only. Once the screw is loosened you can adjust the height by turning the kettle round. Attention: make sure the wheels have their brakes on; this gives the timpani stability and makes the turning easier. When placing the kettle back on the undercarriage make sure the Adams logo is facing the pedal.


Shipping Weight 10.0000kg

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