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The Adams VSSV31M 3.01 Octave Soloist Series Vibraphone with Motor features the voyager frame. The precision graduated Adams aluminum alloy, silver anodized bars, produce a beautiful tone of unmatched quality, perfectly balanced throughout the instruments entire range. The motor speed is fully adjustable from 25 to 150 rpm. The speed is digital readable and offers easily accessible switches allowing the player to choose whether the fans stop in either the open or closed position. The motor and drive belts are completely enclosed within the end cap of the instrument, providing both easy access to its top mounted controls, and excellent protection from the elements.

The foot operated dampening mechanism, offers full pedal tension, damper, and height adjustments, allowing each player to custom configure the feel of the instrument to their exact playing style. The damper also utilizes a quality felt material to achieve true silent damping. All resonator tubes are fully welded to eliminate all unwanted noises.

Motor: 40-140 rpm
Range: 3.1 oct. E3-F6
Bars: Aluminum 50-38 mm
Pitch A: 442 Hz.
Frame: Voyager
Length: 156 cm
Low end: 75 cm
High end: 40 cm
Height adjustment: 85-105 cm


Brand Adams
Shipping Weight 30.0000kg

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