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Dream Bliss Series Ride - 22"

Product Code: #DREHFHE275

Bliss ride cymbals are heavier than Bliss crash/rides. While still crash-able, in fact explosively crash-able, they are designed for stick articulation, letting your "time hand" speak! That coveted old school sound in a dark warm ride .

Woody stick on top of a brooding wash, growling dynamic louds and exquisite softs make these highly coveted and musical rides.

At 22" this is a big ride cymbal. Play near the edge and you get a oceanic wash build-up to support the hottest band.


SKU DR0180
Barcode # 930013010089
Shipping Weight 4.0000kg
Shipping Width 60cm
Shipping Height 15cm
Shipping Length 60cm
Shipping Cubic 5.4cm

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